Construction Companies Helping to Build Bright Futures for Aspiring Students

St Peters Lutheran College high school student, Ben Haslegrove, has confirmed his passion for Architectural Drawing after completing work placement with Hutchinson Builders.
Ben is a Grade 12 student who has always had an interest in IT and design subjects at school, which led him to look for work experience opportunities in Architectural Drawing or Drafting with a construction company. The work placement was organised by CSQ and Hutchinson Builders Work Force Development Team that has given Ben the chance to learn key aspects of Architectural Drawing and to use the best design software available to design and draw 3D buildings.
“I became interested in Architectural Drawing after helping my parents with building designs for our properties, and really wanted to learn more about the software and gain hands-on experience in this field,” he said.
The Gateway to Industry Schools Program (GISP) helps students gain first-hand experience in the workplace to help them decide if it is something they would like to continue to pursue after school, and for Ben the work placement solidified his passion for Architectural Drawing.
“In the week I was at Hutchinson Builders I was able to complete three different design projects, and am currently working on my fourth design project,” he said.
“I think everyone should do work placement while at school as it helps prepare you for what to expect in your first job and how to work with people across all different age groups. Before my placement I was thinking of doing straight IT, but now I have changed my preferences to include Architectural Drawing as well.” 
While at Hutchinson Builders, Ben was mentored by Rod King, Registered Architect, who showed Ben the latest software in building design and took Ben on-site to visit residential and commercial developments to see how the buildings all come together in real life. 
“The great thing about students like Ben is when they have an interest in IT as well as having a slant towards architecture and can pick-up on the software really easily,” he said.
“Ben is a self-starter and has taken on board family projects – there is obviously already an interest and passion there which means Ben is very productive and has a great attitude towards the job.”
Work placement is all about expanding on what you already know and learning new skills, and Ben was able to work on a diverse range of projects and work across different departments to get the most out of his experience.
The Gateway to Industry Schools Program is an initiative that is funded by the Department of Education and Training and is delivered in partnership by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ). The program aims to raise awareness of the different pathways into the construction industry and to create opportunities for students to be exposed to a range of learning experiences that will assist them in their future career choices and pathways to employment.
CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said this program is a great example of what can be achieved when government, industry and schools work together to deliver outcomes for students, local communities and businesses. The program involves the construction industry working with schools to raise the profile of non-traditional careers, create career pathways, and open the door for more training opportunities for students.
“The program is as much for the students as it is for the organisations involved, as it allows us to help students find career pathways in construction and learn valuable skills and knowledge, but is also an opportunity for industry to understand what students are learning at school and where their interest might be in para-professional roles,” Mr Schimming said.

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