What we procure and how to get involved

CSQ contracts the services of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) on an annual basis to deliver the contracted programs outlined in our Annual Training Plan (ATP).

The RTO Information Sessions on the CSQ procurement process for the 2018-19 funding round have now been completed. The session information pack is available here. 

The program release dates for the 2018/19 procurement funding round are as follows:

Program Release Date Closing Date
Short Courses General Construction 3/07/2018 24/07/2018
Short Courses Civil Construction 3/07/2018 24/07/2018
Skills Assessment and Gap Training - General Construction 17/07/2018 7/08/2018
Higher Level Skills - General Construction 17/07/2018 7/08/2018
Skills Assessment Gap Training - Civil Construction 24/07/2018 14/08/2018
Higher Level Skills - Civil Construction 24/07/2018 14/08/2018


If you have any questions relating to the upcoming CSQ procurement process, please contact the team at contractmanagementteam@csq.org.au

The process 
The procurement of RTO services is managed through a competitive purchasing strategy, based on an annual invitation-to-offer process via an online tendering facility.
RTOs wanting to receive invitations to tender for CSQ funded programs must first make application to be approved as a CSQ Registered Training Supplier (RTS). To become a CSQ RTS, RTOs must proceed as follows:

  1. Register with CSQ's eProcure portal provider, TenderSearch, to establish an account. For step-by-step instructions please refer to our helpful guide.
  2. Once registered, suppliers will be provided with a username and password to access CSQ's eProcure portal.
  3. You will then be required to complete and submit the online RTS application form. Instructions on how to complete your RTS application form are available once you have logged in to the TenderSearch system.
  4. New Applications for RTS can only be made between 1 October and 30 June each year.

When approved, the supplier will be granted RTS status and will be added to the CSQ RTS database for a period up to 30 June 2021.
Only RTOs that hold CSQ RTS status will receive invitations-to-offer to make application for a range of future CSQ funded training programs outlined in our ATP as and when they are released.
Should a specific industry need be identified by CSQ, targeted procurement may take place at other times throughout the year. Only RTOs that hold CSQ RTS status will receive invitations-to-offer for these services.
Registration to access the CSQ eProcure portal is free. There are no application fees or annual registration fees directly associated in obtaining CSQ Registered Training Supplier (RTS) status.

For further information, please contact the Contract Management Team at contractmanagement@csq.org.au
For more information please refer to the Procurement FAQs.

This information is correct as at: 9/22/2018. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.