Pre-Apprenticeship Employment Incentive - COMPLETED PROGRAM

What is happening with the Pre-Apprenticeship Employment Incentive?

The Pre-Apprenticeship Employment Incentive completed on 30 September 2015.

To ensure there is no disadvantage to employers and individuals, CSQ has put transitionary arrangements in place that will mean that the employer incentive of $4,000 will continue to be available to employers for those 2014-15 Trade Start, D2C and D2CC graduates that enter into an eligible apprenticeship or traineeship with a commencement date on or before 30 September 2016. 

The $4,000 incentive will not be available for any 2014-15 graduates where they commence their apprenticeship or traineeship after 30 September 2016 or for any 2015-16 graduates of the programs.

Who is eligible to participate and what qualifications are eligible?

Find what courses are eligible under the Pre-Apprenticeship Employment Incentive

How does funding work?

CSQ provides a funding incentive of up to $4,000 (+GST) to employers who take on an eligible apprentice or trainee. The incentive is paid directly to the employer in two instalments.

Next Steps?

If you have participated in an eligible pre-apprenticeship incentive program in 2014-15 remember to tell your employer about the incentive. If the employer would like more information suggest they visit the Employers or Stakeholders section to find out more about the program and register for the incentive.
This information is correct as at: 10/23/2018. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.