Wiring Rules 2017

Wiring Rules Roadshow

The Australian Standards AS/NZS3000 (the wiring rules) are changing, and the Queensland Government is holding statewide information sessions across Queensland so you can find out what the changes will mean for you.

The standard has been thoroughly redrafted, with the proposed changes to the draft to include:
  • mandatory requirement to consult with owners on special requirements if electrical supply is removed by extended fault or severe weather/climate conditions
  • increased mandatory requirement for the use of RCD protection on all final sub-circuits of all types of installations
  • introduction to Acr Fault Detection Devices and where they are highly recommended to be installed
  • new extended distances for switchboards to create greater safe working space and doorway access
  • referencing the new switchboard standard to be used in conjunction with the existing standard
  • new clearances for electrical devices from cooktops
  • mandatory local isolation for hot water heaters
  • new light fittings installation methods
  • new allowance for vertical shower rose exclusion zones
  • new wiring allowances for lifts designed to allow evacuation under emergency conditions.
These changes are important to understand as fines, return rectification work, and unsafe outcomes for users of the installation may result if contractors do not comply with the new requirements.

For more details on the information sessions available around Queensland, please visit the Worksafe QLD webpage eso.qld.gov.au/2qhKdRW
This information is correct as at: 6/28/2017. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.

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